OPENING: 5 10 18

19 00 – 21 00


Performance during the opening


Tamara MacArthur builds architectural spaces that speak her own language, precarious environments that protect and amplify her, shelters that at the same time she has to defend. These constructions, handcrafted with poor materials such as paper or foil, are homes she temporarily inhabits, for the duration of the performance, theatre-nests which give her the security to sing and to address the public. Quite often MacArthur’s architectures incorporate oversized drawings of women, exploded self-portraits of the artist who seems to call on her multiples for backup in order to divide the effort. MacArthur’s environments become representations of herself, places where the artist stands, downsized, a fundamental caryatid carrying the weight of her exhibition and gift.


Tamara MacArthur is going to spend a whole month at Il Colorificio, working in direct contact with the space and the city of Milano. Her intervention comprise an instagram-stories takeover of Il Colorificio account (follow her here)